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Why Digital Marketing Important for Your Business

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Gone are the times where you come to know about a company or a product only through television commercials or in news papers. Heck, gone are those days where news was read only in news papers! We are bang in the middle of disruption created by digital technology to our lives. Welcome to the days where one can "unfriend" someone with the click of a mouse. Welcome to the days where you can date someone without meeting them. Welcome to the days where one can be hired without meeting them in person, but just having their social media profile checked.

Below are Top 3 Reasons why you need digital marketing

It's Cheap

You read it right!You do not need to spend like crazy for few minutes of airtime on television channels. Create a fantastic Facebook page that will show your products and services to your potential customers. Engage with people through your Twitter handle. Wow the people with those imaginatively done super creative visuals on Instagram. You can do all these by paying a small price to freelancers available all over. This is especially crucial to startups who cannot afford to shell out millions of bucks on TV commercials and YouTube ads.

It's Practicle

One thing that mellennials cannot stay away with is their social media presence. They do not wait in their drawing rooms to see your products advertisement on TV.

Use digital media effectively to take your products right to this huge sea of potential customers. Create viral marketing strategies that appeal to these set of individuals with high social networking potentials.

Higher ROI

Unlike traditional ads, digital marketing lets you target the products only to the right audience which in turn will have better chance of conversion to sales and leads. For example, if your company manufacture shoes, you can spend the bulk of your marketing budget on social media sites which your potential customers visit then, say, a career site or food portals.

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