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Key Metrics and Performance Index

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

To reap most of the benefits of the digital marketing it is very important to understand the dimensions and metrics properly. In our previous article we discussed in length various digital marketing strategies that can be applied to your business for lead and revenue generation. But if you don't know how their performance is measured and tracked, how would you analyse their results? This is precisely what we will discuss in this article.

Key Metrics:


An impression is counted as one when an ad is visible on a website. Now there are three stages on measuring a valid impression.

1. Served impression: When an ad is sent to a publisher by an SSP, but the ad is not yet rendered or downloaded on the user's device, it is called served impression.

2. Downloaded impression: When the publisher initiates an ad retrieval, the ad starts getting downloaded on the user's device, and the ad is available on the website.

3. Viewable impression: It must be noted that the ad can appear in any part of the website, which means if it appears to the portion of the website but is not seen by the user, it is a non viewable impression. Nowadays, advertisers are giving lot of importance to calculating the viewable impressions because that's what matters the most.. You spend money to show ads to the audiences, but if they are not able to see it, it is a wasted investment. When it comes to display ads, your ad should be at least 50% viewable for 1 sec and for a video ad, it should be at least 50% for 2 sec. Anything lesser than that is considered a bad quality impression. To see how viewablity is measured in any website click here.


Another simple but key measurement is the number clicks generated by an ad. When an ad is being created during the testing phase, make sure that your tag is clickable. All the areas of it should be clicking through and taking you to the destination url. The destination url or the landing page is the part of the website you want your users to go to after seeing the ad. So, whenever an ad is trafficked, all ads should always have a click url/destination url/landing page.


A video ad performance can be tracker by the number of views of certain portion of the video. Now there are various types of video ads which we will cover in the next article. If you are calculating view of an open exchange video, then viewing a complete video will be considered a full view, but when you are calculating view in a true view ad, viewing 30% of the video will be counted as a view.