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Grab the eye of your consumers through Virtual Reality

Do you have very less user engagement on your ads? Are you not able to catch the user's attention from the humdrum of his/her online world? You have every reason to be concerned. Be it traditional advertising or online, unless your ads is completely out of the box, or the user is in dire need of your services, a user might not click on your ads. It is a human nature, to store informations into two parts: subconcious and concious. The ads that you show, goes into the sub concious mind, unless it is utterly different. Even you do the same thing. Ask yourself of one billboard that you remember on your regular commute route. Do you see what I mean? Does that mean advertising is completely useless? No quite so. Try VR ads.

But VR means those cool glasses and you wear it and watch the ad. Not everybody will have VR glasses in handy. Then how can a user see it without glasses. VR content builders are making this video in 360-dergree video using different images at different angles put together. So, a user need to move the mouse up and down, right and left if he/she is on desktop, or the user can move the mobile and tablet to 360-degree to get a VR view. There are many marketer who are adopting this creative measure to show film their big event or present their creative idea.

Virtual Reality ads or immersive media ads are the new craze in indian market. The market is expected to grow 76% over the next 5 years. These ads keeps user enaged, so there are lesser instances of skipping the ads, and higher posibility of brandlift. The image is in 3D and you can rotate 360 degree, while the video plays, in the process let's user enagage with the brand.

Watch out Flipkart's VR ads, which was created by Google using state-of-the-art VR equipment, and served in form of a trueview ad. The resulted in 10 million views with 65% audience retention.

How are these videos created?

Just signup for VR for Brands for resources including VR equipment, training, and post-production support. Once the ads are created, use it to run it on Trueview campaign. To learn more about Trueview campaign, click here.

There are other platforms where you can create VR ads such as Omnivirt and VirtualSky platforms.

Mahindra Racing used this technology to feature a 360-degree car race. Likewise, the "School of Rock" musical created a music video and AT&T simulated a car crash to spread the message of not to use cellphone while driving to drive home safely. Cocacola,