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Future of Digital Marketing in India

After weeks of news about COVID-19 and nothing else, there was a new headline for a change. News about Facebook and Jio partnership deal was everywhere, and it was a welcoming one. It should also remind us how digitization is going to be THE future. Here are two companies that have built huge businesses using the power of digital. So much so that they can have a huge impact on economies.

This should also be a wakeup call to businesses who are yet to take the digital path, or at least try some part of it. While we can talk about the influence of digital in various aspects of a business, we would like to limit that discussion in this article to just one - marketing.

Businesses who are not very much inclined to go digital with their marketing, and think word-of-mouth tactic is the best way to get businesses, is simply waiting for a miracle to fall on their lap. Let's just look at these numbers for a moment:

1. Facebook has nearly 346 million users in India and is expected to reach 450 million in the next three years.

2. India has 600 million active internet users and closes to 300 million users from rural India, thanks to the cheap internet plans and expansion of the internet in rural India.

3. India has the most number of Whatsapp users which stands to 300 million users of Whatsapp from a user base of 1.5 billion across 180 countries.

4. India has a huge millennial population who are young tech-savvy with rising earnings potential and disposable income.

5. We have also seen the rise of TikTok users amongst the generation z. India accounted for 44%, or 323 million, of 2019’s total TikTok app downloads, a 27% increase from 2018, the App Annie report said.

6. Consumers averaged 3 hours and 40 minutes on mobile in 2019, up 35% since 2017.

7. Food delivery apps have seen a rise of 200% between 2017-19, while the fitness industry has seen a rise in 120% in engagement and spending. Fintech(Paytm), Sports(Pubg, Dream11), Dating(Tinder) apps have also seen a larger fan base rise.

That's a lot of internet population to attract people to, where entrepreneurs can not only improve their audience base but also expand their operations.

What do we understand from the data is, we have a huge market to target people, either using organic marketing methods, paid advertising methods, or both.

Entrepreneurs can think of new offers which will make sense to the various sections of audiences and build strategies accordingly. As India moves heavily towards digitization, there is a huge scope to leverage digital marketing services to business advantage and improve and expand your offerings.

Another takeaway from this data is apps are making it really strong. Rolling out an exciting app engages people with your brand, and the brand becomes the new trend amongst the people. Just a few years ago, we have seen people at work, during the breaks, or at the cafeteria play PUBG. Our social media pages were flooded with memes of the game. Paytm became the new way of transaction in recent years. Apps always help people adapt to your business better. If you already have one, you need to get them to the right audiences by leveraging the digital marketing efforts.

During uncertain times like coronavirus pandemic, instead of being on survival mode doing nothing but waiting for things to go back to "normal", with no clue of when that w