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All You Need to Know About Google Trends and How to Use it Effectively

One of the most valuable things for businesses is data. And if that data is something like assessment of your website’s performance, conversion rate, ROI, the trending searches related to your business, etc, it becomes all the most important.

While there are so many resources to find the information you need, one tool that come very handy, and also often under-utilized, is Google Trends. 

Google Trends has tons of valuable data and it all comes for free! Let’s see how Google Trends can be used for some meaningful insights for businesses.

It Tells You What People are Searching 

You can see what people are searching for most in a specific industry. This in turn can be used by to create content around these keywords. For example, you have a shoe business and lot of people are searching for casual shoes. You can create a lot of meaningful content around casual shoes. This helps your business figure prominently when people are on search engines.

Insights of The Search Terms Over Time

Not just find out what search terms are trending;you will also be able to track their popularity over time. Which means you will know If a topic of interest is here to stay or just a short-lived burst of interest.  This feature lets you know what has been popular in the past and what is trending now. 

Leverage the Keywords for Your Content Marketing

Whoever said that content is king with respect to marketing is true. A large part of a company’s organic growth success is content.  Google Trends help you to understand what topics are trending, and are being searched by the netizens. Just type in a keyword and you will be able to see a pattern in the search at any particular point in time. You can create a great deal of content using these search words. A relevant content always helps your website to rank higher by the search engines.</