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Advertising with YouTube Mastheads

Online advertising has evolved leaps and bounds from simple banner ads to those that dynamic with highly engaging animations, and video ads. 

According to a report, YouTube has 1.8 billion users registered every month and watching the videos. This makes it a goldmine of sorts for advertisers to reach millions of audiences and its masthead is a much sought of place to showcase their products.

So,what exactly are these mastheads, and how to start a masthead campaign?

What are masthead ads?

A YouTube masthead ad is an ad that appears on the homepage right on the top. When users login to YouTube, be it mobile, desktop or even on television now, the masthead ads appear prominently on the top in the form of a native video. 

In the past, unlike other ad formats like paid search, or programmatic buying, these ads did not have any re-targeting rules applied as they were available only on a cost-per-day (CPD) model. Under the CPD model, the ads are shown for 24 hours to every logged in user for a day. There is an option to choose is the country in which the ad has to be shown. That’s a huge amount of audience reach for the brands. Google has now made the mastheads available on a cost-per-impressions (CPM) buying model.

How much masthead ads cost?

The masthead ads are probably the costliest of digital ad formats. They may cost anywhere in the range of Rs 2 crore - Rs 2.8 crores per day. But considering the audience reach, spending that sort of money on masthead sounds reasonable for brands, especially the bigger ones who have deep enough pockets to shell out such money. On the other hand, the new CPM model could make these ads to a greater number of brands going forward.

Are they effective for the price tag?

The sheer number of viewers on YouTube itself makes the reach very obvious. While the masthead ads are not cheap, the reach they have is simply unmatched. With millions of people logged in everyday and the ad is certain to be shown to everyone irrespective of the demographics, they offer a great promise of brand awareness.

How to start a YouTube masthead campaign?

You will find almost all the important details about running a masthead campaign on the Google’s support page itself. However, we have put the details in a simple way for your understanding.

  • The recommended video should be of 16:9 specs with 1920 x 1080 resolution or higher

  • Ensure the headline follows the recommended text lengths. You can find this in the Masthead Preview Tool

  • Have a Call-to-action (CTA) button

  • The CTA button’s URL can go to other pages on YouTube or directly go to another website

  • The ad should be sent for Google's approval at least 48 hours before the planned campaign start date

  • Choose the preferred buying models. You can either Cost per Day (CPD) or Cost per impressions (CPM)

  • CPD has the widest audience reach as the ads are shown to everyone logged in throughout the day. This is also the expensive of both.

  • CPM offers more targeting options

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